Biomass Hopper Wagons


W H Davis have worked with Drax Power in the creation of a new bespoke, ‘supersize’, fully automated, covered hopper wagon specifically designed for the transport of biomass. The wagons have a greater cubic capacity than anything seen before on the UK rail network – an increase of 30%.

This opportunity followed an earlier development where W H Davis retro-fitted weatherproof aluminium roof doors, together with a fully automated (magnetically triggered) pneumatic discharge system, to more than 100 existing coal hopper wagons. (click for details)

Manufacture of the new design posed a significant number of manufacturing challenges – an example being significantly reduced tolerances over the the  full 19 metre wagon body length.

All wagons carry the new Drax corporate ‘swooch’ livery, which requires total vinyl ‘wrapping’ of the hopper side panels – a freight wagon industry ‘first’, we believe.

Biomass is effectively delivered on a ‘just in time’ basis and as such this fleet of wagons is required to have a very high level of operational availability. W H Davis subsidiary, Davis Wagon Services, are the ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) for the wagons and look after the in-service maintenance.


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